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Visit Our Farm

Open June - October

Our farm is located in the Snohomish River Valley and is open from June through October with over 50 acres of u-pick vegetables and fruit.  Come on out and enjoy the views and fresh air while harvesting your own produce.  Bring the family and show your kids how to dig potatoes, pick the ripest fruit and maybe spark an interest in some new vegetables!  We have customers looking to load up on cucumbers, green beans and beets for canning as well as families looking to enjoy the atmosphere and casually pick some fresh produce.

See our FAQ page on how to prepare for a visit to our farm and see our produce timeline below.


Produce we grow & when it is ready for harvest:

*Please keep in mind that the harvest times below are approximate.  Every year is a little different and is dependent on the growing season, weather, and some crops get picked out before the end of their regular growing season. We keep the main page updated on what is currently available to pick.

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